Her fingerpicking guitar style and expressive lyrics recall the 60-70s’ folk music vibe

She is best described as a timeless singer/songwriter that has already been compared to icons such as Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Kate Bush. She carries that tradition further but always adding her own personal imprint. Her cinematic music emphasis on tune and atmosphere and her voice drills itself into one’s heart. On April 29th Harriet Nauer is set to release her new EP "Catharsis". She says; - ”To write and to record this EP has been a truly spiritual purification”. The two opening-tracks ”Bonnie” and ”Bang Bang” are pure fiction that describes passion, revenge, and the longing for something different, something new and exciting. ”Lion” and ”A Brief Moment” are directly inspired by real events when Harriet was close to losing her father at the same time as a family member decided to end his life in the river. The last two songs have been therapeutical for Harriet. They have become a place to go, to reflect on her own strength, accept what is, and to be humble to other people’s perspectives on life. Harriet Nauer possesses an incredible ability to write captivating melodies and when she performs you listen.

SWEDEN Tour 2023

July 22
Fallens dagar, Trollhättan
August 4
Jill Johnsson support
August 5
Jill Johnsson support
August 23
Hotell Eggars, Gothemburg

SWEDEN Tour 2022

December 10
Babel, Malmö
December 9
Oceanen, Göteborg
December 8
Nalen, Stockholm
November 24
Kulturbaren, Trollhättan
September 30
Mando Diao
Konserthuset, Göteborg
April 29
Vinyl Release
Nofo, Stockholm
April 9
Mando Diao
Karlstad CCC
April 8
Mando Diao
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre
April 7
Mando Diao
Culturum, Nyköping
April 6
Mando Diao
Conventum, Örebro
April 3
Mando Diao
Louis De Geer konsert & kongress, Norrköping
April 1
Mando Diao
Linköping Konsert & Kongress